Cheap Genealogy for your Family research

Mayen Marketplace with Genoveva - Castle

Death certificate 1815

Woman 1875


Anyone who carries out genealogy, is called a genealogist or Family researcher.




Cheap fees for my work as your 
genealogist in saxony
and Germany


For my work in archives (State Archives, City Archives, 
registry office, church, and more) and editing the
documents found, I would charge you € 17, -*

now only 10,- €

for each started half hour.
I do not charge you my driving time!


In addition, there are travel expenses of € 0.39* per 
kilometer (up to 50 km around Leipzig/saxony), and
up to 51 km € 0.69* per kilometer to pay.
I would not charge you the travel time itself! For the
printout of the documents, the archives usually
charge fees. This fees will be charged to you later.


Documents – translation  (transcription):
You have old documents and you can not read the 
old German font, or the Latin of the pastor, or you
don't understand the French documents (for example from
the time of the French Revolution):


I can gladly translate your certificates for € 17, -* for each 
started half hour. You send me the documents
by mail or by post. In the same way, you will receive my
best possible translation back.
* The sale tax in Germany is included.
Since many years I am a good familiy researcher in Germany.
If you are interested, please send me a email or a letter
by post.


Marriage certificate 1815

Birth certificate 1694